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LED Queue System

This Queue Management System is mainly used in bank, restaurant, hospital, clinic, Service Centre ect.

This product is comprised of silicone keyboard, imported chip, advanced aluminum, Matrix LED and so on. It can launch 9999 different codes, optional nine channels. The appearance modern and exquisite, fine workmanship, it apply in all kinds of restaurants, office and emergency call places. The characteristics are long distance launch, convenient to operate, identification input automatically, high performance cost ratio.

1. Superheterodyne receiving technique 

2. Support 3 ways to cancel: Host setting cover number automatically, host enter, pager cancel. 

3. Support 2 patterns: Time cancel model and recycle pattern 

4. upport 2 displayed patterns 

5. Support 9 keyboard call at the same time 

6. Can Maximum stored 9999 numbers.   

• Customer go to the Service station and take a number ticket by ticket printer.
• Customer wait for their service.
• When it is their turn, the counter worker will press the corresponding number on the keyboard transmitter to call.
• The number will show on the display screen with counter number and customer‘s number, so that customer know which counter they should attend.
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